Your garden can serve a lot of purposes for you. You can entertain guests as well as make it your personal sanctuary. There are many possibilities when it comes to garden décor. You can be very adventurous with garden art to can help you get that look you are looking for. Garden art has a way of spicing the look of the backyard if done correctly. The following tips will give you a start to a great garden with garden arts.

Less is more

I am sure this has been said a lot of time, but it cannot be over emphasized. Garden art like most accessories is meant to draw people’s attentions. Many garden arts at the same time give a sense of disorganization. Choose simple, individual arts that will allow you and your guests to enjoy.

Keep in mind the theme

From the doorway all the way to your back yard it is important to have a theme. This is to mean that if you have a Japanese theme going in your home then make sure the garden art will fit in that theme as well. Mixing different themes is not flattering to your home and may show confusion from your end.


The point of having garden art is to provide a temporary distraction to the mind. This means that the art should be located in a part that can be easily seen by you and your guests. When having garden art installed put into consideration the lighting and the color of the art you buy.

Go green

Garden art does not need to be something expensive or even bought from the store you can choose to go green and recycle stuff. This may be that old clay pot you have in the garage or a worn out couch which you can turn into garden furniture.


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