Taking charge of the laundry is vital to a smoothly run household. Whether items are hand wash delicates, dry cleaned or run through a regular cycle, it takes planning and follow through to stay on task.

Maintain Adequate Supplies of Laundry Care Products

The Boy Scouts have a wonderful motto about always being prepared. This life lesson should definitely be applied to managing the laundry. Keeping a well stocked cupboard, complete with stain wash, laundry detergent, bleach for colors and whites, fabric softener and dryer sheets ensures that there’s always time for a load of laundry and that there are always clean clothes in the house

Develop a Laundry ScheduleA laundry schedule can help any household to master this chore. Best done in weekly increments, this schedule should include time for delicates to air dry and one or two ironing days for those items that require pressing. Adherence to the schedule is the best way to conquer laundry. Setting a frequency for doing laundry is based on several factors. The size of the family, the age of the people in the house and the number of sporting activities can impact the number of loads.

Designate a Sink for Soaking Laundry

When spills happen, the best course of action is to soak them. Apply the right spray then set the laundry in cool water. If the house is equipped with a laundry room sink it is easy to designate the soaking area. In homes where sink space is at a premium, a clean bucket can take the place of a soaking sink.

Assign Laundry Tasks to Family Members

Everyone dirties clothes. So everyone should be part of the solution to get the clothes clean. The best way to accomplish this is to assign tasks to everyone. Children as young as three or four can put clothes away. Five and six year olds can fold towels and pillow cases. Older children can be taught to turn on the washing machine and dryer.

Find a Dry Cleaner Who Delivers

Taking dirty clothes to the dry cleaner takes time. If this is a weekly occurence, look in the phone book under “D” for Dry Cleaners, then call around and inquire which dry cleaner delivers. Asking around the neighborhood is another way to find a reputable company to handle this time consuming chore.

Be Consistent With Laundry Tasks

Staying ahead of laundry requires planning and consistency. Gathering dirty clothes, sorting the laundry, placing clothes in the washer and then in the dryer, folding the laundry, ironing and putting the clothes away are all part of the laundry cycle.

In order to put laundry in its proper place and prevent it from building up to unbearable levels. Be consistent. Stick to the schedule. And don’t be afraid to get the rest of the family involved.

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